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About Us

Thrive Health is an Infusion Center/ Entity/ Corporation that focuses on rare by providing expert concierge care for patients. Dr Douglas the founder of Thrive Health, is a world leader in thyroid eye disease and the lead investigator for teprotumumab clinical trials. Thrive Health offers concierge expert patient care by partnering with regional KOLs, cutting edge clinical research and a patient centric approach. Because we focus on Rare Diseases, we offer the best patient experience to ensure safety and efficacy of our treatments.

Thrive Health has three main offerings for partnering physicians

Offering 1

Thrive Health partners with a Physician/ Practice bringing infusion capabilities into their practice.

Offering 2

Thrive Health can serve as an MSO (Management Service Organization) to a partnering Physician or Practice.

Offering 3

Clinical Trials/ SMO (Site Management Organization). Thrive Health can work with a partnering Physician or Practice to help offer and manage clinical trials.


Science at our Core

Patients First

Customized Treatments